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+7 (7262) 55-67-55 Call-center,
ISO 9001-2016, ISO 14001-2016,
OHSAS 18001-2008

29 Puskin str., Taraz, Kazakhstan
Орталық туралы
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    About the center

    Medical Center "Meyirim" is the only medical institution in the region, which operates according to international standards and has an international certificate of quality management ISO 9001-2009 STRK. Medical Center "Meyіrіm" opened in January 1999. To date, our medical center is one of the leading private medical institutions of the region, the structure of which includes the city polyclinic, serving attached population 40963 people, multidisciplinary hospital with 62 beds, which have a highly qualified medical, surgical, obstetrical and gynecological care and diagnostic center. The institution has a well-equipped outpatient, inpatient and diagnostic facilities with the most modern and advanced equipment manufacturers worldwide, which allows most accurately and quickly diagnose various diseases. MC "Meyirim" provides a full range of medical services in a clinic, hospital and diagnostic center. Based on research carried out by qualified personnel appoint you high-quality treatment. A distinctive feature from other hospitals and clinics is that only in our medical center there are all kinds of beam diagnostics - magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography. Only we have conducted surveys and diagnosis of patients in one day, served Toll Home, where doctors are consulted, handling, sampling laboratory tests, ECG, massage. Only we can at any time to receive various manipulations in outpatient treatment room. In lists of services we have plastic surgery and medical cosmetology, clean the intestines, dry traction the spine, Holter ECG monitoring of cardiac activity, electroencephalography (EEG), Holter-EEG monitoring brain activity and more. We work in accordance with the new tradition of private medicine, when the doctor has enough time to work with the patient, using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment expert class, high-precision methods of instrumental and laboratory diagnosis. The institution leading specialists, PhD, qualified doctors and nurses the highest and first categories. Six doctors have the highest award of "Excellent Health". Doctors institutions repeatedly improve their skills in advanced courses for doctors in the institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad - France, Russia, the USA, England, Germany, Bulgaria, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Turkey and China. Participate in various internships in the field of medical services. Each employee contributes greatly to the development of the institution. In addition to the basic work agency staff take an active part in the social life of the city, region and country. Every year, improving the material base of the institution. Increases the credibility and image of the medical center for the entire region and the flow of patients wishing to be treated in a hospital and MC in the clinic is growing. The institution has numerous awards national, regional and city level. Has a large number of written and verbal thanks and good feedback from patients, which is the most important award for the center. Policy establishment is quality patient care, and its goal to ensure we put the residents of the area health services and diagnostic studies of the highest quality, as well as promotion of innovative therapies that will help you save a priceless gift, as health. To learn more about each department of our institution, you can see "Services".
    We wish you a speedy recovery!

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