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+7 (7262) 55-67-55 Call-center,
ISO 9001-2016, ISO 14001-2016,
OHSAS 18001-2008

29 Puskin str., Taraz, Kazakhstan
Орталық туралы
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    Welcome to our site!


    The medical Center "Meyirim" is the only medical institution in area which works according to the international standards and has the international certificate of conformity of quality management of STRK ISO 9001-2009.
    The medical Center "Meyrm" is open in January, 1999.
    Today one of the lead private medical institutions of area into which structure enter the city policlinic serving the attached population of 50000 people, a versatile hospital on 62 beds where give highly skilled therapeutic, surgical, obstetric and gynecologic help and the diagnostic center.
    Establishment has well equipped out-patient and polyclinic, stationary and diagnostic base with the most modern and latest equipment of global manufacturers which allows most precisely and in the shortest possible time to diagnose various diseases.
    The medical center "Meyirim" - renders a full complex of medical services in policlinic, a hospital and the diagnostic center. On the basis of the conducted researches, qualified specialists will appoint to you high-quality treatment.
    Distinctive feature from other hospitals and policlinics is that only in our medical center there are all types of computer diagnostics - a magnetic and resonant and computer tomography. Only we conduct examinations and diagnostics of patients in one day, are served paid a call on the house where consultations of doctors, manipulations, an intake of laboratory analyses, an electrocardiogram, massage are held. Only at us it is possible to receive various manipulations in an out-patient procedural office at any time. In the numerous list of services we have plastic surgery and medical cosmetology, we carry out cleaning of intestines, dry extension of a backbone, laser therapy of joints, Holter-electrocardiogram-monitoring and many other things.
    We work according to new traditions of private medicine when the doctor has enough time for work with the patient, uses the ultramodern diagnostic equipment of an expert class, high-precision methods of tool and laboratory diagnostics.
    In establishment leading experts, candidates of medical sciences, the qualified doctors and nurses of the highest and first categories work. Six doctors have the highest award "The excellent student of health care". Doctors of establishment repeatedly improve the skills on advanced training courses of doctors at institutes of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad (Russia, the USA, England, Germany, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China), take part in various training in the sphere of medical services. Each employee makes a big contribution to development of establishment. Besides the main work the staff of institution takes active part in public life of the city, area and the republic.
    Every year the material resources of establishment improve. The authority and image of the Medical center for all area and a flow of the patients wishing to be treated grows in a hospital of MTs and to be served in policlinic grows.
    Establishment has a huge number of awards of republican, regional and city level. Has a large number of written and oral thanks and good responses from patients that is the most important award for the center.
    Policy of institution is the qualitative medical care of patients, and we set as the purpose providing inhabitants of area with medical services and diagnostic testings of the highest quality, and also advance of innovative methods of treatment which will help you to keep such invaluable gift as health.
    In more detail to learn about each office of our establishment you can see in the section of Service.


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